One of the things that really lights us up over here, is the topic of consciousness. The philosophy, the science, the endless possibilities of what it all could mean.
We are constantly presented with anecdotal summaries from our patients about how their lives have started to change in unexpected ways that seeming have nothing to do with the physical discomfort that is primarily being addressed at our clinic.

Chiropractic patients mention these things casually, almost as a preamble to declare something more “related” to the reason they are chatting with the doctor in the first place. They bring insights about having had a major epiphany about something they’ve long been unsure about, and more calm feelings throughout body and mind during moments that were once very triggering.

There is a space between a feeling and an action. A gap for awareness.And then they victoriously add, “And for the first time in years, I was able to do this thing that my back pain prevented me from doing!”

Something bigger than just pain relief is going on here.

How do we begin to understand this rise in personal awareness / awakening and its relationship to Chiropractic? 

And what do we mean when we use this word, “consciousness?” Let’s start there.

In this clinic and for the purposes of this conversation, we favor a broad definition that describes the overall animating life-force present that simultaneously allows us to exist, and be aware of that existence.

 It is thoughts. It is action. It is reaction. It is the underlying, always changing, ineffable qualities that lets us know “I am an alive thing.” 
This (admittedly reductionist) interpretation leaves room for all theoretical, philosophical and scientific explanations to merge – because there really just isn’t consensus. It gives us room to explore!

Emerging evidence is correlating chiropractic care (specifically, thoracic region chiropractic adjustments) with significant boosts in mental clarity, decisions making, motivation, homeostasis, perception, memory, learning, attention, AND emotional regulation. 

All of those affected functions originate in the prefrontal cortex region of our brain.

Is the prefrontal cortex the seat of consciousness? Probably not entirely. But it is associated with all of the major functions that we use to navigate our reality. Once we are more clearly able to plan, pay attention, solve problems, recognize and correct mistakes, make decisions, be more aware of social and relational cues and even improve memory – that is a BIG step towards awakening our higher selves.

Once we’ve attuned our bodies to function optimally – that is, without dis-ease – our bodies can also receive conscious connections more readily. Philosophers and physicians have likened this to a radio tuning to a certain frequency in order to clearly hear the music.

...our nervous system acts as a receiver to connect to information beyond our senses

As a benchmark of its effectiveness, chiropractic adjustment immediately influences the nervous system’s function. There is clearing of dis-ease all along the journey!

Chiropractic adjustments directly influence and elevate a patient’s expression of their life-force.

When you are under patient care at The Foundry Chiropractic, you can rest assured that Dr. Burd has your individual needs dialed in. He offers a multi-faceted understanding of your health’s expression (including diagnosis and treatment options) as well as an open mind to hear all about how your consciousness is elevating as you move towards your own highest well being.

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